HCNP-Storage-CCSN H13-621(H13-621-ENU) Exam Dumps

Passed H13-621(H13-621-ENU) exam with high score. CertQueen HCNP-Storage-CCSN H13-621(H13-621-ENU) questions and answers are valid, which can help you pass the test easily. Share some Huawei certification H13-621(H13-621-ENU) exam questions and answers below.

About Huawei OceanStor V3 SmartVirtualization data write-through, which of the following statement is correct?
A. Write-through refers to the application server after the data is written heterogeneous storage systems, heterogeneous storage systems return to write successful, will write the results back to the host.
B. write-back better reliability compared with write-through, write data to heterogeneous arrays need to write a successful return.
C. Write-through comparing write-back, higher performance, smaller impact on the host.
Answer: A

Before replacing storage device controller, need to confirm the following information, which of the following description is wrong?
A. For the back-end network, need to check whether the SAS link is physical redundancy or not.
B. For the front-end networking, need to ensure dual control of the physical link from the host to array was normal.
C. Just make sure the inspection tool inspection results can be passed.
D. need to check if dual control logical link from the host to array is normal.
Answer: C

Which features does the OceanStor V3 storage options belonged to the series of the OceanStor V3 storage product?
Answer: ABCD

During the operation of replacing the hard disk, which of the following operation is wrong?
A. After the hard disk power down, and then pull out the hard drive.
B. the hard disk power on, in the process of running, pulls out the hard disk directly.
C. After pulling out the hard disk, wait 30 seconds and then insert a new hard drive.
D. new hard disk and type and capacity of the failed disk is consistent.
Answer: B

Which statement about OceanStor V3 storage system prefetch strategy is correct?
A. Intelligent prefetch suitable for reading application of a single data stream, or cannot determine whether reading application is sequential.
B. variable prefetch suitable for sequential reading application of fixed-size. Such as multi-user streaming media on demand, users use the same Data Rate.
C. fixed prefetch is suitable for database application.
D. not prefetch is suitable for multi-user multimedia on demand.
Answer: A

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