2018 HCNA-Cloud H13-811(H13-811-ENU) Free Dumps Share

H13-811(H13-811-ENU) exam is a required test for Huawei HCNA-Cloud Service certification. To earn this certification, you need to pass Huawei H13-811(H13-811-ENU) exam. Share some valid Huawei HCNA-Cloud H13-811(H13-811-ENU) exam dumps below.

136. What are the Regions usually divided based on?
A. Geographic location and network delay dimensions
B. Cluster server
C. Availability Zone (AZ)
Answer: A

137. What are the deployment modes of cloud computing? (Multiple Choice)
A. Private cloud
B. Public cloud
C. Hybrid Cloud
D. Community Cloud/Industry Cloud
Answer: ABCD

138. Which of the following are not the supported load methods for the listener? (Multiple choice)
A. the maximum connection
B. Polling
C. Setting weights
D. the minimum connection
Answer: AC

139. What scenes does the user copy the image from? (Multiple choices)
A. Copy non-encrypted mirrors as non-encrypted mirrors
B. Copy an unencrypted image as an encrypted image
C. Copy the encrypted image as an encrypted image
D. Copy the encrypted image as a non-encrypted image
Answer: BCD

140. Which is not usage scenario of cloud monitoring?
A. Daily management of resources
B. Notice of problem
C. Capacity adjustment
D. Operation audit
Answer: D

141. Which of the following components is not part of the big data platform?
A. MapReduce
B. OpenStack
D. Yarn
Answer: B

142. Which of the following is NOT the main application scenario of KMS (Key Management Service)?
A. Network transmission data encryption
B. User personal data encryption and decryption
C. Core data encryption and decryption
D. Key Information Assets Encryption and Decryption
Answer: A

143. What are the benefits of containers? (Multiple choices)
A. More efficient virtualization
B. Safer application
C. Faster delivery and deployment
D. Easier migration and expansion
E. Simpler management
Answer: ABCDE

144. If dynamic resource expansion is required, which policy should be selected when creating a scaling policy?
A. Timing policy
B. Cycle policy
C. Alarm policy
D. Random policy
Answer: C

145. Which of the following is not the main function of HVD (host vulnerability detection)?
A. Elastic Cloud Server Vulnerability Scanning
B. Elastic cloud server brute force protection
C. Provide Vulnerability Test Report
D. Vulnerability scan results query
Answer: B

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