[2018] HCNA-Cloud H13-511 Free Dumps| CertQueen

[2018] HCNA-Cloud H13-511 Free Dumps| CertQueen

1. Which of the following does not belong to the category of data center?
A. Server
B. Currency
C. Network
D. Storage
Answer: B

2. What technologies are used in Layer 2 security isolation of VPCs in Huawei cloud computing?
B. Security group
Answer: A

3. After installing FusionCompute using the tool, the system will automatically create a cluster. What operation can the administrator do to the cluster? (Multiple Choice)
A. Modify the name
B. Delete
C. Copy
D. Add host
Answer: ABD

4. What kind of virtualization can be divided into in the implementation way? (Multiple choice)
A. Full virtualization
B. Paravirtualization
C. Hardware virtualization
D. Hybrid virtualization
Answer: AB

5. Which of the following elements cannot be included in the application template in FusionManager?
A. Virtual Machine
B. Network
C. Virtual Load Balancer
D. Virtual Router
Answer: D

6. Which of the following statements is wrong about cloud computing architectures and traditional IT architectures?
A. Traditional IT relies on hardware reliability to achieve high system availability by eliminating single points of failure through the infrastructure.
B. Compared with traditional IT architecture, cloud computing architecture does not require high reliability of hardware.
C. Traditional IT adopts Scale-up, which expands or increases the number of servers per device module.
D. The traditional IT architecture uses server clusters, while the cloud computing architecture uses data marts.
Answer: D

7. Which of the following does not belong to the operation log level in the FusionSphere system?
A. High risk
B. Danger
C. Important
D. General
E. prompt
Answer: C

8. Administrators in FusionManager can be assigned two main roles: ServiceAdmin and OperationAdmin. Which statement is correct about these two roles? (Multiple Choice)
A. OperationAdmin focuses on business operations
B. ServiceAdmin focuses on resource pool construction, management, and maintenance
C. ServiceAdmin focuses on business operations
D. OperationAdmin focuses on resource pool construction, management, and maintenance
Answer: CD

9. Which statement is correct about the installation of VRM in FusionCompute?
A. VRM is recommended to be installed in different clusters
B. VRM can use tools unified installation, can also manually install
C. VRM needs to be installed with CAN
D. VRM is recommended to be installed on virtualized shared storage so that if the host fails, it can be migrated to other hosts
Answer: B

10. Which description is correct about the hypervisor?
A. Hypervisor is Virtualization
B. Hypervisor is essentially an operating system
C. Hypervisor is the key to virtualizing physical hardware
D. Hypervisor carries a lot of drivers, so Hypervisor does not need to install drivers and patches
Answer: C

11. Which of the following functions are supported by the FusionManager?
A. Unified management of heterogeneous virtualization platforms
B. Unified monitoring of heterogeneous hardware
C. Secure network isolation capabilities
D. Multi-tenant management capabilities
Answer: ABCD

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