[2018] HCNP-Security H12-723 Free Dumps| CertQueen

[2018] HCNP-Security H12-723 Free Dumps| CertQueen

Which of the following statement is correct about AV engine when Execute the command display av version?

A. version loaded successfully
B. did not load
C. Loading
D. not enough information to determine
Answer: A

Administrator creates the correct IPS strategy, applied to domain or inter-domain , but found that no matter in the IPS signature set movement is blocking or alarm, when the invasion attack, only produce the alarm..
What is the reason for this problem?
A. Set IPS work mode in the IPS global parameters for alarm
B. did not select the correct domain
C. did not configure corresponding IPS strategy
D. congigure Firewall running mode for Firewall mode
Answer: A

Enterprise Intranet users access to the Internet, what may cause the UFL filtering function failure? (Select 3 answers)
A. no reference URL filtering strategy in Web filtering policy
B. no Web filtering strategy applied in the corresponding direction in inter-domain
B. the URL filtering strategy in the corresponding filter sub-function switch did not open
C. Web content filtering is not enabled
Answer: ABC

Configuring DNS server of RBL feature on USG, which of the following statement is not correct ?
A. must use the DNS server not been DNS hijacking
B. must use recursive query DNS server
C. DNS server should be reachable IP
D. DNS server must listen on port 25
Answer: D

In SA detection technology, which feature detection matching method does not include?
A. single packet match
B. IP match
C. multi-Pack match
D. multi-stream match
Answer: B

WEB filtering technology is a kind of in-depth testing for WEB loophole, WEB classification and access control security management technology on the Internet.
Answer: A

About the anti-spam local black and white list, which of the following statements is wrong?
A. created manually by the user on the USG
B. black and white list is matched by the sender’s DNS suffix
C. black and white list is by extracting the source IP address of the SMTP connection to match
D. if the source IP address of the SMTP connection matches the blacklist, blocking the connection
Answer: B

A university user requirements are as follows:
1. The environmental flow is larger, two-way add up to OOOM, UTM deployed in its network node.
2. The intranet is divided into students zones, server zones, etc., users are most concerned about the security of the server area, to avoid all kinds of the threat of attack.
3. At the same time to ban students area some pornographic websites.
In UTM configured Extranet for untrust domain, Intranet for trust domain, how to deploy the UTM strategy? (Select 2 answers)
A. can be directly under the global open AV, PS protective function, URL filtering function, then it can be realized
B. Outbound direction only open AV, IPS protective function for server areas, protected server
C. inboud direction only open AV, IPS protective function for server areas, protected server
D. Outbound direction open URL filtering function for the entire campus network , and filtering of part classification website
Answer: CD

Which of the following statement is wrong about NIP?
A. NIP compare the data packet and application knowledge base, identify specific data flow
B. NIP support for specific IP network segment, in a specific time period, for strategy processing
C. NIP using leading hardware architecture, FPGA realization of the application layer acceleration, ESP achieve forward acceleration
D. NIP Manager supports mail alarm response mode
Answer: C

Webmail filter support Intranet users receive mail filtering.
Answer: B

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