[2018] HCNP-UC(Fast Track) H11-828 Free Dumps| CertQueen

[2018] HCNP-UC(Fast Track) H11-828 Free Dumps| CertQueen

In the eSpace UC solution, whhich of the following does eSpace Desktop need to communicate with? (Multiple choice)
A. UMServer
B. eServer
D. Unified Gateway
Answer: ABD

To deploy a centralized multi-node disaster recovery network scenario, which license should the center main node load?
A. Standard
B. Local Regeneration
C. multipoint conference
D. Disaster Recovery
Answer: A

BMU adding U1960 gateway fails, what is the possible reason? (Multiple choice)
A. the U1960 IP address is filled wrong when BMU add
B. BMU and U1960 version is mismatched
C. U1960 has been connected to other BMU
D. BMU doesn’t load the formal permission license
E. U1960 doesn’t load the formal permission license
Answer: ABC

Which status’ inquiry command does AR router provide? (Multiple choice)
A. License Resource Status
B. DSP status
C. Interface Status
D. User Status
E. trunk group status
F. Center U1900 Gateway’s Status
Answer: ABCDE

The Operator login Console client. When the login is successful, the operator number will appear as “not checked.” What is the possible reason? (Multiple choice)
A. AppAgent’s IP address configured on the console server is wrong
B. Network is Anomaly between Attendant client and server
C. U1900 Unified Gateway has the problem “A data is used by multiple versions”
D. operator numbers and other inside numbers are configured to be the same number.
Answer: BC

In local regeneration scene, several IP telephony in a company branch office can be successfully registered in a branch of the AR router. But in the configuration and license normal circumstances, cannot hold a conference call between the IP phones.
If analyzing from hardware damage situation, which of the following hardware damage can cause this phenomenon?
Answer: C

Users can use self-service account login BMU, which of the following statement is incorrect about self-service?
A. the user needs to install the client software, can access the BMU
B. If the account is not bound UC service numbers, only personal information management and conference management
C. the user can only query to the UC binding service number of the record
D. the user can conduct business registration and application
Answer: A

An enterprise has a U1981, and deploy BMU and CDRServer, administrators want to find a certain time a call list, which can be used in the following ways? (Multiple choice)
A. On the U1980 Gateway using the command line to view
B. a query on CDRServer on “bill server” Management Interface
C. query on BMU
D. open the bill file directly from CDRServer’s root directory:\BILL\CurFile path
Answer: BC

One enterprise has the communication failure, part eSpace client users cannot log on. When collecting the failure information, as long as you collect ECS log files, then you don’t need to do the log collecting in eSpace client.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

The following description about eSpace UC typical networking, which is wrong?
A. central node can use two U1911 as a primary and backup
B. In the branch node, IAD can be deployed separately
C. The branch node with 800 total number of users is recommended to deploy one U1960
D. Center master node can deploy U1960; Centre standby node can deploy U1981
Answer: D

When the AR routers in the diagnostics view, using the debugging voice <model-name> <debug-level> command to do voice debugger, the content that can be debugged contains VSP modules interactive message, control blocks messages in modules and protocol module messages. After debugging, if you do not shut down debugging information, what impact will it result in?
A. the PRA trunk channel between AR router and PSTN is occupied
B. occupies AR device’s too much CPU resources, which will affect the operation of the system
C. SIP protocol module which is being debugged cannot run in AR device, AR device does not accept and deal with any SIP protocol messages
D. occupy AR device DSP resources to deal with debugging information
Answer: B

Before adding SIP number on the BMU, need to complete the docking configuration of BMU and unified gateway.
A company uses a multi-node centralized networking scheme, the center node using two U1900 series unified gateway dual-standby, which of the following statement is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. need to configure the BMU authentication on the center host node unified gateway
B. need to configure the BMU authentication on the center standby node unified gateway
C. On BMU also need to add host and standby Unified Gateway at the same time
D. need to configure the local node and BMU interconnection
Answer: ABC

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