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[2018] Huawei HCNP-R&S-IERS H12-221 Free Dumps | CertQueen

In an OSPF routing domain, on a broadcast network and an NBMA network that contain at least two routers, one router must be designated as a DR and the other as BDR.
Answer: B

According to RFC 2328, for a router running OSPF, from the initial process to the process of forming an adjacency with a neighbor, which is correct?
A. Down,Init,2-way,Exchange,Exstart,Loading,Full
B. Down,Exstart,2-way,Init,Exchange,Loading,Full
C. Down,Init,Exstart,Exchange, Loading,Full
D. Down,Init,2-way,Exstart,Exchange,Loading,Full
Answer: D

Which of the following description about the OSPF protocol is wrong?
A.Each OSPF router uses only one Router-LSA to describe the status of local links in an area.
B. Link types described by a Router-LSA include 4 types: P2P/TransNet/StubNet/virtual link.
C. The Link State ID described in the third type of SA is the router-id of the ABR.
D. Routing information is only allowed to be advertised between backbone areas and non-backbone areas, and routing information is not allowed to be directly advertised between non-backbone areas.
Answer: C

Each OSPF router has a router ID. The router ID must be advertised in the OSPF process view.
Answer: B

Which description about the BGP route advertisement principle is correct? (Multiple Choice)
A. Once the BGP connection is established, the BGP speaker will advertise all its own BGP routes to the new peer.
B. The BGP speaker advertises all its BGP routes to its peers.
C. Generally, when there are multiple paths, the BGP speaker only selects the optimal route into its own routing table.
D. The routes learned by the BGP Speaker from the EBGF are advertised to all its BGP peers (including EBGP and IBGP).
Answer: ACD

A network scale is relatively large. Some switches run MSTP, and the other switches run RSTP. When the MSTP-enabled switch detects that the neighboring switch is running in RSTP mode, what mode does the MSTP switch work in?
A. STP mode
B. RSTP mode
C. MSTP mode
D. Unable to determine
Answer: C

What are the benefits of OSPF zoning? (Multiple Choice)
A. The size of the LSDB can be reduced to reduce the memory consumption of the router.
B. LSA can also be reduced with the division of the area, reducing the consumption of router CPU.
C. The proliferation of flooding LSAs is limited to a single area.
D. The routers in one area can understand the topology details outside their area.
Answer: ABC

When OSPF is running on a broadcast network, DR and BDR need to be elected.
Then in which of the following states will DR and BDR be elected?
A. Init status
B. Attempt status
C. 2-way state
D. Exchange status
Answer: C

After the RPT tree is established, which description about the SPT switch is incorrect?
A. The RPT tree cannot be forwarded for a long time.
B. All multicast traffic passes through RP routers. RP routers may become the bottleneck for data forwarding.
C. The SPT path is the shortest and the forwarding performance is better.
D. The RPT tree cannot support large traffic forwarding.
Answer: A

What are the characteristics of IS-IS protocol? (Multiple Choice)
A. Support for rich regional features
B. Simple message structure
C. Suitable for large-capacity route transfer
D. Better scalability
Answer: BCD
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