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[2018] Huawei HCNA-Big Data H13-711 Dumps | CertQueen

1. In FusionInsight HD system, which does not belong to the cluster node disk partition?
A. OS partition
B. Data partition
C. Metadata partition
D. Management partition
Answer: D

2. The order of the YARN scheduler allocates resources application, which of the following description is correct?
A. any machine -> the same rack -> local resources
B. any machine -> local resources -> the same rack
C. local resources -> the same rack -> any machine
D. the same rack -> any machine -> local resources
Answer: C

3. A user needs to set up a 350 nodes FusionInsight HD cluster, which solution is the best?
A. Management nodes, control nodes, data nodes deployed in one, two-tier networking
B. Management nodes, control nodes deployed in one, data nodes deployed independently, two-tier networking
C. Management nodes, control nodes, data nodes are deployed independently, the three-tier networking
D. Management nodes, data nodes deployed in one, control node deployed independently, two-tier networking
Answer: C

4. The Spark task Executor can run multiple task.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

5. In FusionInsight HD, which statement about HBase BIoomFilter feature is not correct?
A. Can be used to filter the data
B. Can be used to optimize random read performance
C. will increase the consumption of storage
D. can accurately determine a data not exist
Answer: A

6. Which part of the data needs to be read when performing HBase read data service?
A. HFile
B. HLog
C. MemStore
Answer: AC

7. In FusionInsight HD products, which statement about Kafka components are correct? (Multiple choice)
A. When deleting a Topic, you must ensure Kafka’s service configuration delete.topic.enable is configured to true
B. Kafka installation and operation log save path for /srv/Bigdata/kafka/
C. ZooKeeper service unavailable will result in Kafka service unavailable
D. You must use the admin user or kafkaadmin group user to create a topic
Answer: ACD

8. Loading data to Hive table, which way is incorrect?
A. load the local path file directly to the Hive table
B. Load the file on HDFS into the Hive table
C. Hive support insert into a single record method, so you can directly insert a single record in the command line
D. Insert the result sets of the other tables into the Hive table
Answer: C

9. What is the abstraction of YARN resources in Hadoop system?
A. Memory
C. Container
D. Disk space
Answer: C

10. When planning the FusionInsight HD V100R002C50 cluster by using the configuration planning tool, you can use the V100R002C60 version configuration planning tool to plan.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

11. In the process of FusionInsight HD deployment, which of the following statement about the installation of the cluster is correct? (Multiple choice)
A. Support template installation and manual installation
B. First login without changing admin account password
C. For the networking isolation scenario, in the IP entry box of the discovery node step, you should enter the service IP of each node
D. When you select a service, the system automatically selects the dependent underlying services for it
Answer: AD

12. After the FusionInsight HD cluster is successfully installed, not allowed to modify the configuration of services, roles, and instances.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

13. FusionInsight HD HBase management process is how to choose the main node?
A. Randomly selected
B. Adjudication by RegionServer
C. Adjudication by ZooKeeper
D. HMaster is dual master mode and does not require adjudication
Answer: C

14. The FusionInsight HD system uses the Streaming client Shell command to view the topology or submit the topology failure. Which of the following positioning methods is correct?
A. Check the client exception stack to determine whether the client problem of use
B. View the main Nimbus run log to determine whether the Nimbus server abnormal
C. View Supervisor run log to determine whether the Supervisor abnormal
D. View Worker run log
Answer: AB

15. Big data needs the change of traditional industry thinking mode. Data collection and analysis should be regarded as an important part of the business process. Data-driven business process optimization, realizes intelligence and automation, and relying on data assets to achieve cross-border expansion.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
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