IBM AIX Administration V1 C9010-022 questions

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Crontab file fields are defined as shown here:

minute hour day_of_month month weekday command

How should the following crontab entry be modified so that “command” only executes once on the first and fifteenth of every month?

0 0 1, 15 * 1 command

A. 0 * 1, 15 * 1 command

B. 0 0 1-15 * 1 command

C. 0 0 1, 15 * * command

D. 0 0 1, 15 * 0 command

Answer: C

What infrastructure is necessary to support update installation to an existing IVM instance?

A. Hardware Management Console

B. Systems Director Management Console

C. IBM Systems Director

D. Network Install Manager

E. Cluster Systems Manager

Answer: D

Which component must be available to Cluster Aware AIX on each node to support cluster communication?

A. An lPv6 link-local address on each node

B. A dedicated vLAN that is not used for any other purpose

C. An lPv4 network address

D. A disk used only for heartbeat communication


Which command displays from which disk the operating system was last booted?

A. last

B. bosboot

C. getconf

D. bootlist

Answer: C

An administrator migrated a global environment of AIX 6 to AIX 7 using NIM. They have attempted to use the migwpar command to migratea selection of hosted WPARs from AIX 6 to AIX 7, but a detached system WPAR fails to migrate to AIX 7.

How can a detached system WPAR be migrated to AIX 7?


B. AIX install media

C. savewpar command

D. syncwpar command

Answer: B

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