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Share some HCNP-Security H12-723-ENU exam questions and answers below.
URL filtering, remote classification list provided and maintained by a third-party classification servers, devices can be synchronous updated automatically or manually from third-party classification servers.



Answer: A

Administrator creates the correct IPS strategy, applied to domain or inter-domain , but found that no matter in the IPS signature set movement is blocking or alarm, when the invasion attack, only produce the alarm..

What is the reason for this problem?

A. Set IPS work mode in the IPS global parameters for alarm

B. did not select the correct domain

C. did not configure corresponding IPS strategy

D. congigure Firewall running mode for Firewall mode

Answer: A

Which of the following description is incorrect against server loophole security threats ?

A. worms using application software loophole to spread wantonly, consume network bandwidth and destroy important data.

B. hackers, malicious employee use loophole to attack or invade enterprise servers, business secrets were tampered, damaged and theft .

C. As long as the system software update in time for system loophole problems can be effectively solved.

D. The Internet has made application software loophole to spread rapidly, making loophole easier to become targets of attack.

Answer: C

For security priority application environment, should be closed Huawei firewall UTM overload protection function.



Answer: A

Which of the statement is not correct according to following configuration?

[USG] pattern-group 6t type url

[USG-pattern-group-url-bt] pattern any bt.com

[USG] url-filter policy urlpolicy3

[USG-urlfilter-policy-urlpolicy3] blacklist enable

[USG-urlfilter-policy-urlpolicy3] whitelist enable

[USG-urlfilter-policy-urlpolicy3] blacklist group 6t

[USG] web-filter policy webpolicy3

[USG-web-filter-policy-webpolicy3] policy url-filter urlpolicy3

[USG-policy-interzone-trust-untrust-outbound] policy 3

[USG-policy-interzone-trust-untrust-outbound-3] action permit

[USG-policy-interzone-trust-untrust-outbound-3] policy source range

[USG-policy-interzone-trust-untrust-outbound-3] policy web-filter webpolicy3

A. users of IP address can access bt.com website

B. users of IP address can not access bt.com website

C. users of IP address can access bt.com website

D. users of IP address can access bt.com website

Answer: A

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