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CompTIA Certification CAS-002 exam is an ideal exam for those IT professionals who want to improve their skills, talent and knowledge about the information technology. This certification exam gives them a chance to improve their networking ability approach to handle different networks. CompTIA CASP CAS-002 study guides cover scenarios entail on how to solve the problems. It comprises of tutorial and lab solutions so that people can practice on their own equipment.
Share some CASP CAS-002 exam questions and answers below.
A security engineer is responsible for monitoring company applications for known vulnerabilities. Which of the following is a way to stay current on exploits and information security news?

A. Update company policies and procedures

B. Subscribe to security mailing lists

C. Implement security awareness training

D. Ensure that the organization vulnerability management plan is up-to-date

Answer: B

The helpdesk department desires to roll out a remote support application for internal use on all company computers. This tool should allow remote desktop sharing, system log gathering, chat, hardware logging, inventory management, and remote registry access. The risk management team has been asked to review vendor responses to the RFQ. Which of the following questions is the MOST important?

A. What are the protections against MITM?

B. What accountability is built into the remote support application?

C. What encryption standards are used in tracking database?

D. What snapshot or ¡°undo¡± features are present in the application?

E. What encryption standards are used in remote desktop and file transfer functionality?

Answer: B

A security engineer on a large enterprise network needs to schedule maintenance within a fixed window of time. A total outage period of four hours is permitted for servers. Workstations can undergo maintenance from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am daily. Which of the following can specify parameters for the maintenance work? (Select TWO).

A. Managed security service

B. Memorandum of understanding

C. Quality of service

D. Network service provider

E. Operating level agreement

Answer: B, E

A new piece of ransomware got installed on a company¡¯s backup server which encrypted the hard drives containing the OS and backup application configuration but did not affect the deduplication data hard drives. During the incident response, the company finds that all backup tapes for this server are also corrupt. Which of the following is the PRIMARY concern?

A. Determining how to install HIPS across all server platforms to prevent future incidents

B. Preventing the ransomware from re-infecting the server upon restore

C. Validating the integrity of the deduplicated data

D. Restoring the data will be difficult without the application configuration

Answer: D

An attacker attempts to create a DoS event against the VoIP system of a company. The attacker uses a tool to flood the network with a large number of SIP INVITE traffic. Which of the following would be LEAST likely to thwart such an attack?

A. Install IDS/IPS systems on the network

B. Force all SIP communication to be encrypted

C. Create separate VLANs for voice and data traffic

D. Implement QoS parameters on the switches

Answer: D

Due to compliance regulations, a company requires a yearly penetration test. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has asked that it be done under a black box methodology.

Which of the following would be the advantage of conducting this kind of penetration test?

A. The risk of unplanned server outages is reduced.

B. Using documentation provided to them, the pen-test organization can quickly determine areas to focus on.

C. The results will show an in-depth view of the network and should help pin-point areas of internal weakness.

D. The results should reflect what attackers may be able to learn about the company.

Answer: D

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