CertQueen Huawei H11-828-ENU questions HCNP UC(Fast Track) H11-828 exam braindumps

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Share some HCNP-UC H11-828-ENU exam questions and answers below.
In the local dual-standby disaster recovery scenario, when the primary node U1900 series unified gateway fails, the business servers need to manually connect the standby node gateway to process business.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

About linked business, the following statements correct is ().(multiple choice)

A. eSpace Desktop can only bind a IP Phone, external display a number

B. eSpace and IP Phone as long as there is a call, external release status as calling

C. when eSpace and IP phone linkage can be connected at the same time

D. linkage of IP phone and eSpace Desktop can register under different U1900

Answer: AB

eSpace suddenly off when using, which of the following statement about the possible reason is error ?

A. eSpace server exception

B. Unified gateway side abnormal

C. eSpace Server 8011 port is disabled by firewall

D. Unstable network between the local machine and the eSpace server

Answer: B

In eSpace UC solution providing for mobile client access component is ( ).

A. eServer


C. AppAgent


E. U1900

Answer: D

U1981 double machine standby networking scenario, the default configuration, if the primary node fails, resulting in heartbeat interrupted with the standby node more than ( ) minutes, the master node becomes inactive, standby node becomes active.

A. 3 minutes

B. 5 minutes

C. 1 minute

D. 2 minutes

Answer: D

Candidates can prepare for this exam by taking the HCNP UC(Fast Track) H11-828 exam braindumps. This exam tests a candidate’s knowledge of HCNP UC(Fast Track) H11-828 exam braindumps and product positioning as well as ability to influence key customer decision makers. Huawei H11-828-ENU is one of the most popular and famous IT certification institutions or certification organizations, and it offers its wide range of high quality and precious HCNP UC(Fast Track) H11-828 exam braindumps. Huawei is a very authentic and a very valid certification.

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