CertQueen Huawei H12-723-ENU questions HCNP-Security-CSSN H12-723 exam braindumps

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Share some HCNP-Security H12-723-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Perform the UTM upgrade in the process of operation, appeared the following information:

Error: Executing the update, please wait.

USG may be executed (choose 3 answers)

A. online upgrade

B. there are business flow being processed

C. local upgrade

D. install the factory default version

Answer: ACD

After opening IP strategy, found part of the business fails, what are the possible reasons ?( Choose 2 answers )

A. message through the firewall only one direction

B. the same message repeatedly through the firewall

C. IP omission

D. heavy traffic cause Bypass features enabled

Answer: AB

URL filtering, according to the classification of the remote or local classification, the user can create multiple urls strategy, determines the corresponding processing action in URL strategies, a URL strategy was applied to the domain, which can realize the corresponding URL filtering.



Answer: A

Which of the following behaviors IPS can not detect?

A. Virus

B. Worm

C. Spam


Answer: C

What do the common virus behavior characteristics include?(select 3 answers)

A. Download and backdoor characteristics

B. Information Collection feature

C. own hidden feature

D. system attacks characteristics

Answer: ABC

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